Bruce Bent II: Money Market Fund

Bruce R. Bent II is one of the most prominent individuals in the United States business arena. According to him, business should be valued to increase profit and the quality of life. If you value business, your life is centered towards the activities that increase business in an organization r company. His father is also one of the individual people who invented the money market fund in 1970. The American Museum of Finance and History recognized this idea because of its importance and impact in the history of America.

His achievements in the business world have been unmatched. Bruce Bent II studied at Northeastern where he recieved his degree in Philosophy. From there he went into the financial industry. He has helped so many companies such as banks and retail marketers find creative financial solutions.  His father’s role in the invention of the money market fund has gone a long way in assisting many families in the United States and his given Bent II a great understanding of financial techniques. He has worked hard to become a better business solution agent.

A money market fund is also known as the money market mutual fund. In this case, it is also considered as an open-ended mutual fund that seeks to invest in the short-term securities such as the commercial paper and United States Treasury bill. The money market mutual funds are regarded as the safest way of securing your income and investment in the United States. For this reason, they often yield higher profit and bank deposit. Money market funds are regulated under the United States Investment Act to provide liquidity and finance. Due to the liquidity risks and credit market, money market funds seek to limit exposure.

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