Bruce Bent II Suggests Novice Entrepreneurs Park Cash In Money Market Funds

Entrepreneurs just starting out still need to focus on nest-eggs, so where should they invest small funds? You should invest in money market funds says Bruce Bent II. He should know, his father  is the creator of the money market fund. Bruce Bent II has a successful track record of financial management, and foreseeing opportunities.

Entrepreneurs are looking for financially viable investment opportunities but bank account interest rates are dismal, and the stock market is still risky. Surveys say entrepreneurs expect a return of at least 3 percent on their capital, but they always express a need for alternative opportunities. Even so, security is still at the forefront of financial investment. Bruce Bent II says money market funds are a terrific option because novice entrepreneurs require short-term liquidity and the ability to diversify risk. The fact that the investment in money market funds earn interest and have relatively manageable maturities, these funds are considered very safe. Since money market funds are diversified among many debtors, the fund’s assets are widely invested. Thus, money market funds can help maximize revenue opportunities for novice entrepreneurs.

Another big advantage in money market funds is certainly flexibility. It is perfectly possible, at least for many investors with the time, to buy fund shares and sell. Of course, a disadvantage is high administrative and management fees, but this can be overcome by looking at various fund fees before you invest.

Why Suitable for Entrepreneurs?

Investments are low risk
Great for little to no investment experience
For those looking for short-term horizon

For years, Bruce Bent II has been developing strategies, and financial planning for a number of companies. He graduated from the University of Northeastern with a Bachelor’s in Science. Today, Bent II serves as Vice Chairman and President at Double Rock Corporation, and is responsible for creating, and implementing their vision and mission.

Bruce Bent II is responsible for the operational aspects that included risk management, strategic planning, crisis management, negotiations, and executing priorities.

For More information check out Bent II here.

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