Andrea McWilliams, A Philanthropic Gem of Texas and Savvy Fierce Lobbyist

Andrea McWilliams was named the top lobbyist in Texas by the Austin Business Journal in 2009, according to Culture Map Austin. As a native of Austin, Texas, Andrea McWilliams has been involved in Texas politics from an early age. She was appointed Chief of Staff at 21. Since achieving notable status at a young age, the founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, has been recognized nationally for her skill at strategy and lobbying efforts.

Andrea McWilliams and her husband, co-founder Dean McWilliams, work side-by-side to develop policies in legislative and regulatory arenas on their client’s behalf. Andrea was celebrated for passing $100 million in incentives. Her successful lobbying efforts made Texas the first place ever, to have the world’s most advanced clean coal power plant. In 2007, her strategic skills saved a $3 billion cancer research deal.

Andrea McWilliams is a member of St. David’s Toast of the Town Committee, and an inaugural member of the Long Center’s Notable Women. Andrea is a significant philanthropist for both of these groups. Her commitment to “principles of faith, family, and being fierce” according to Austin Woman Magazine, have served Andrea well over her extraordinary political career and community efforts.

Andrea is not only devoted to philanthropy and politics, but is also a loving mother and wife. She enjoys her three children, who are very important in her life. Andrea McWilliams is a survivor of breast cancer. In 2007 she spoke openly about her struggle, as she was diagnosed while still pregnant with her youngest child. In 2011, Andrea worked on behalf of the Seton Breast Cancer Center, and got involved with Mamma Jamma Ride. She has made efforts to have a UK-based firm come to Austin, which helps patients undergoing chemotherapy keep a significant amount of their hair.


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