Highland Capital: Global Leader In Alternative Investment Solutions

About Highland Capital


Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993. Since then, it has witnessed exponential growth and now boasts of $15.4 billion worth of assets. The company is a SEC compliant entity, authorized to advise investors. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, but satellite offices can be found in Singapore, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and New York.


The enterprise focuses on credit strategies which include, hedge funds, separate accounts and long-only funds, collateralized loan options, and much more. Highland Capital is one of the world’s leaders in alternative investment solutions. They have an extensive portfolio of clients including; public retirement schemes, governments, wealthy individuals, and so on. Apart from alternate investments, the company offers long and short equities, and natural resources.


Highland Capital Management cares about its employees’ background. It is for this reason that the firm gives both financial donations and professional advisory services to the communities around them. The charity covers both local communities and non-profit organizations. For over a decade, Highland Capital and its affiliates have donated over $10 million towards humanitarian causes globally.


Highly Successful Year


Gregory Michael, Chief investment officer at Highland Capital, attributed the firm’s success in 2016 to credit competency. The competence enabled them land money-spinning partnerships with pipeline companies when oil prices dipped. These investments contributed about 50% of the Small Cap stock funds returns.


The CIO stated that all the partnerships did not interfere with dividends after the fund bought the shares, the cash flow was based on the volume of oil, rather than the price of its raw product, crude oil. The transactions also focused on partners with a firm footing on the market, mainly major pipelines for oil producers.


Expected Health Care Resurgence


Health care was the only dismal performer in the market last year, recording a decline of 2.1%. Gregory, however, was assured that the sector would bounce back in 2017. He sees an opportunity in the industry, citing opioid addiction as one of those. He noted that insurers were taking action by hastening the approval of less addictive alternatives to opiates.


Collegium Pharmaceutical recently developed such drug. Gregory has foreseen success for Collegium, as the drug has a potential market of approximately 200 million Americans.


Highland Capital purchased Small Cap Fund in 2010. Since then, the fund has been invested in various sectors, such as those above, bringing in huge returns.


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