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Fagali is an erudite scholar who graduated in 2009 from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo as a lawyer and specified in Administrative Law. Later in his studies, he did his masters in the faculty of law of USP, and now he operates in contentious areas like Anti-corruption, but mainly his keen interest is regulatory law administrative contracts and federal civil actions.

Fagali owns a law firm in Brazil, and its primary intention is public interest communication. In Sao Paulo Bruno currently, owns a personal office having a seat as the corporate integrity manager on his premise based on public opinion. Fagali is driven by self-motivation to make things happen and led by a passion for making the business success.

Talented with great personality his attitude and eagerness to be a successful individual cannot hide his expression to the public and thus he has been part and parcel of the congress and seminars affiliated law procurement and health in Brazil.

Law being his career, Bruno Fagali has aided several cases involving domestic violence, family law and consumer back in 2006. Although in 2007 he was highly applauded at the time he judged on advisory public law contract and in the following year Bruno Fagali made his decision that he is going to be keen on administrative process and regulatory law.

The higher the risk, the higher the profits while in his career he took the risk of his profession by enacting the power of a pen when he wrote an article about corruption for one of the advertising agency in Brasil. This matter raised the temperature to the country, but for Bruno Fagali, this is one of the largest breakthroughs in his life that made him more famous.

Possessing grand ambitions, visions, passion and possess the motive working hard you will surely be satisfied. Bruno Fagali now has the capability of speaking up to four different language that is: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French and through his passion, his dreams are validly successful.

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