Going Global; Innovacare Changes Top Leadership

Countries that are not fully industrialized face lots of problems. One of the main issues they suffer from is lack of good health care services. Up until few years ago, Puerto Rico was suffering from lack of reliable managed Medicare services. When Innovacare got to the scene, they transformed service delivery in the sector. Today, the company has a membership of almost a quarter of a million families and following this success, they are thinking about taking the services to the next level. Among the strategies they have put in place to make sure that the growth is achieved is getting new people into the top positions. These new appointments include Richard Shinto who was appointed as the new CEO and Penelope Kokkinides who was appointed to the post of Chief Operating Officer.

Richard Shinto
Shinto has been the CEO of Innovacare since 2012. In the four years that he has been at the top leadership of the company, he has made policy changes on hrmronline.com that have had a huge positive impact on the company. Before he became the CEO at Innovacare, he was heading the Aventa Medicare Group. Richard has worked with several other Medicare companies after he graduated from the New York State University where he studied medicine. Besides being an exemplary business leader on danielestraus.org, Shinto is a medical scholar and he has published many books journals and papers on clinical medicine. All these go to show how fit he is as a candidate for the CEO post.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope has been appointed to the post of Chief Administrative officer at the company. For many years, Penelope Kokkinides has been working with group and companies that offer government controlled Medicare and Medicaid plans. Penelope Kokkinides was previously the CEO of Centerlight Limited, a Medicare provision startup. Other companies that she has worked with include the United Health Group, and the Touchstone Health Group where she worked as the chief operations officer. Penelope Kokkinides is very passionate about the provision of quality health care to the people that need it the most but are financially constrained. This is what makes Penelope Kokkinides the ideal candidate for the post of chief administrative officer.

About Innovacare
Four years ago, Innovacare entered the Puerto Rican Market and promised to transform the Medicare field. In the short time they have been there, their membership and provider base has grown to 7500. They are an established force in the industry and are looking for ways to be even more beneficial and take their services beyond borders.

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