ConnectUs is Another Solution from Securus Technologies

Providing real word answers using cutting edge technology to find solutions is the apparent mission of Securus Technologies. This may be nowhere more evident than in the newest communications platform introduced by Securus. Watch this video on Youtube.


One of the most cumbersome and time consuming issues within any business is the filing, copying and the thousands of other paperwork related tasks. This is no different in the corrections facilities. Securus Technologies through ConnectUs, in addition to the multitude of other services provided, can now offer theses institutions automated processes.


For years, corrections staff and administration have been inundated with the amount of paperwork involved when communicating with hundreds or thousands of inmates. Now ConnectUs allows for a variety of inmate correspondence forms and grievance applications to be filled out quickly and easily.


This is a win-win-win scenario. The facilities staff will benefit. Inmates have a simpler and accessible forum to communicate through and the friends and family of inmates will also appreciate these improved functions.


Servicing well over 3,000 public safety departments, enforcement agencies and corrections facilities, Securus understands the needs of the system. Over 1 million inmates have access to Securus solutions, and with ConnectUs there could be more facilities and inmates being serviced in the near future.

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