The Research Results of Jorge Moll About Human Behavior That May Change Your Views on Morality

There are many challenges for physicians today in their medical practice, mostly because of the issue of morality, ethics and where a doctor should draw the line to make the most difficult decisions. But what is going behind the brains of human beings when they decide to do a good or bad thing? One of the few people who spent time to dig into the problem is Jorge Moll and the team of neuroscientists in his research group.


The Pleasant Feeling of Helping


One of the more stunning results of Jorge Moll’s study about the wiring behind social behavior was published in The Washington Post. It was revealed in their 2006 survey that their subjects who were tested on what to do in specific scenarios had positive emotional signals activating all throughout their body when they put others’ interests first. The part of their brain that lights up when they help people is the same area that gets activated when the mind feels pleasure from food or sex. Jorge Moll and his team then argued that doing the right thing is not something reserved for the morally superior people. It is shown that helping seems to be an essential human and natural activity.


The team also declared that such findings would prove that the morality or lack thereof of a person has biological roots. To sacrifice one’s interests for others seems to be the tendency that nature has intended, and it is something that now can be strongly verified by science. They also firmly believe from their research that the active element that ties up all the aspects of morality is empathy.


The Research Head


We should probably also state here that Jorge Moll is the current Director and President of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). It’s one of the most trusted research centers today that are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it retains the reputation of being a top-notch research center for neuroscience and social behavior studies. Mr. Moll was also the Elected Affiliate Member of the Brazilian Academy Sciences in 2008.

Destiny Guides Jeff Aronin As He Guides Paragon

Jeff Aronin has aligned his destiny with investing valuable time and resources into innovative companies seeking medicinal breakthroughs of diseases most people will never hear of. Until, it happens to them or a loved one. Perhaps due mainly to his unique grasp of complicated research methodologies, rare disorders and personal compassion towards the patients who suffering without available treatments, Jeff has cultivated research teams with lazer focus ambitions and guided them into Bioscience and Pharmacological workhorses.


As a entrepreneurial philanthropist, he holds the CEO title of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon seeks to become the mother-ship guiding other like-minded companies that are patient-first in their ambitions towards seeking innovative medicinal solutions in the Bio-Med arena.


Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences are two such examples. Some of their accolades of research include developments geared towards treating sleep disorders, related nervous system disorders and big name diseases such as Epidermolysis Bullopa Simplex. Other companies view certain issues as unsolvable, but it’s a testament to Jeff Aronin’s personal integrity that he sees these as the only problems worth solving. As it stands now, Paragon has 13 FDA approved new medications listed for such “unsolvable” problems.


Much of this success can be attributed to Jeff Aronin’s personal experiences in his 20 years of experience both as a physician and involvement in the Biotechnology industry.


Early on, Jeff realized the value of gratitude in a patients eyes when they find they need not suffer for lack of medicinal treatments uncultivated due to the challenges of rarity in certain disorders. This is the driving force devoting his energies and attentions towards the outside of mainstream pharmacological beaten paths.


He also makes himself available in the local Chicago area, serving on the board of directors for World Business Chicago and Discover Financial Services. It’s obvious that community matters to Jeff, he involves himself in ChicagoNext as well as The Museum of Science and Industry. It will be interesting to see what develops in the future of both Paragon Biosciences and Jeff Aronin.

IC Systems: Financial Surgeons

You often hear of companies starting out with the mission to help others by providing a much needed and innovative product and/or service. Rarely, however, do you encounter one that continues to do so for eighty years and through over three generations of likehearted family members. From the outset in 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson recognized money woes as an economic illness, be it individually suffered or as a pandemic, that required a financial doctor’s expertise. We’re not born with particulate financial knowledge anymore than with insight regarding Chicken Pox. In light of that perspective, the Ericksons established their accounts recovery service currently known as IC System.


Their patients are viewed as community neighbors no matter how near or far they may reside. IC System maintains state of the art equipment for delivering financial wellness to its patients. For example, as early as 1968, the Ericksons invested in computer equipment to expand its reach and broaden its options when everyone else in the industry was still shuffling paper. Likewise, IC System commands leadership by practicing from a center of continual awareness of industry updates on all necessary fronts.


IC System manages a regular and comprehensive compliance auditing process with effective training(twitter). The Company also enlists stringent, third party, security auditors in addition to its internal security auditors, safely offering many platforms for access to monetary recovery for all of its patients. The Company also actively pursues initiatives that foster green sustainability and limit carbon footprint. Headquartered out of St. Paul, Minnesota since its inception, IC System offers acounts receivable services to all 50 States plus Guam and Puerto Rico. In 1981, the Ericksons even established an inhouse committee, ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization) whose function it is to find and critique opportunies to best help others in need.


With its decades of creative giving, and three consecutive years (2013, 2014 & 2015) on the Better Business Bureau’s radar for Torch Award for Ethics, it’s no wonder that IC System has been in business for eighty years. Nor will it be a surprise as they continue for eighty more.

Ara Chackerian and Forestry Proficiency

Ara Chackerian is a contemporary forestry guru who relies on scientific techniques as a means of taking charge of wildlife components. He relies on first-rate devices and equipment as a means of doing so as well. Chackerian aims to reduce sickness. He simultaneously aims to motivate the speedy growth of wildlife. He has a strong understanding of rotation within the forestry universe. Chackerian is a person who has many topics that draw him in. Forestry is just one remarkable example. He works nonstop to keep the wilderness in strong shape. There are many people who have objectives that are in line with his as well.


Ara Chackerian is located in San Francisco, California right now. He’s a General Partner who is a big part of the technology and health fields. He’s ASC Capital Holdings, LLC’s Managing Director. He makes investments that target medical care firms that are in their beginning phases. He concentrates on businesses that wish to transform the medical care world within the United States. He’s been constructing healthcare firms for over 20 years at this point. Chackerian has been behind the establishment of many companies so far. He helped set up BMC Diagnostics. This is a prominent company that specializes in diagnostic imaging matters. Chackerian also helped establish both TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. TMS Health Solutions is a business that delves into behavioral health in California. PipelineRx, on the other hand, is one that offers telepharmacy assistance to customers all around the United States.  To see more you can visit




Ara Chackerian has tackled all types of leadership responsibilities throughout his busy career. He was BMC Diagnostics’ Chief Executive Officer. He was TMS Health Solutions’ Executive Chairman. He even was PipelineRX’s Executive Chairman. Ara Chackerian had employment with PSS/World Medical as its Executive Vice President for some time. This was a global company that was all about the supplying of healthcare items. This professional is an alumnus of Florida State University located in Tallahassee, Florida. This is a public institution that’s been in operations since the 1850s. Chackerian earned a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree while at the school. He majored in marketing there.




The Impact of David McDonald on OSI Group as the CEO

David McDonald, currently the President of OSI Group Premier Global Food Provider, was born and brought up in northeast Lowa, U.S. He graduated from college in 1987 at Lowa State University where he received an outstanding senior award and a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Due to his passion and love for his career, he started working with OSI industries which were based in Chicago after he graduated and climbed his way up to become the President and Chief executive officer of the organization.

David McDonald values quality over quantity which is one of the reasons for the success of the company. These ensure that the customers can rely on the company for quality and healthy products which then maintains the customers. Moreover, he emphasizes that adapting to change is vital for the future of the company in that, as time goes, technology improves, and it is critical for the supply of the products to match the demand of the people hence they can maintain the market. He also focuses intensely on the health of the employees and their respective training to make sure that they work in a safe environment as it is only them who can make the company perform optimally.

On August 8th, 2016, OSI group, through David McDonald announced its acquisition of Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience foods, nibbles and meat. The CEO said that this deal would help the company in expanding its industry outside the country by satisfying the taste buds of the foreign consumers. He also added that the Baho products would undergo the operational methods of OSI to ensure that the quality of their products is not jeopardised. Furthermore, he assured that the Baho employees would still maintain their jobs.

When asked what he thought made him successful during his interview by ‘inspirery’, he stressed that his fruitful career is rooted to the enterprise’s ability to form a solid partnership that will ensure a long lasting business relationship. He went further ahead and said that the key marketing strategy to establish new industries is to be part of the local culture, not to feel like an outsider. This helps you interact with the customers at a friendly level and at the same time hear their views on your products to satisfy their requests. Apart from Baho food Industries, OSI has acquired other industries through David McDonald such as Tyson Food and Flagship Europe for undisclosed amounts.

David McDonald OSI Group info:

The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

There are multiple reasons for people’s preferences for rock music. Even so, the primary reason for preference is appended to the various alternatives it offers. For example, rock music provides as escape into vintage music alongside hard rock and soft rock. For that reason, many people associate this genre of music with their personalities. When Cassio Audi joined the Viper Band in 1985, he never imagined that the group would contribute to his love for the people of Brazil; thanks to the music they produced as a team, Viper Band connected him to Brazilians who needed tremendous support in the sector of finance. Just how did Audi delve into music?

 Early Life and Music Career

Cassio Audi was born in Brazil. Like any other teenage growing up, he had dreams and aspirations. Music was one of his major aspirations in life. A dedicated individual, focused on succeeding in life, he managed to form a music band with his friends; Andre Machado, Yves, Felipe and Pit. Without more ado, the group became a major rock band in Brazil. Alongside Audi’s talent in presenting the group in road trips, the band dedicated time and effort to pleasing its fan base. Soon after, a new album was born; Killera was a major killer as it landed top hit chats on the billboard.

Releasing his Second Album

Seeing that the rock band was on the right track, Audi aided in producing the second label named Princess from Hell. This label was a game changer as it transformed the way in which the rock band handled its business. For starters, they had a music tour to Europe followed by America. Audi’s performance was instrumental in giving the band a major elevation in the music industry. Consequently, the band landed major shows.

Cassio Aids to Release an Album

In 1989, the band released another record label; Theater of Fate was also a major hit maker and Audi was solely behind its creation. Like the first albums, it attracted Brazilians in major positive ways. Without a doubt, Audi almost exhausted his music career by taking advantage of the available road trips and shows. In the shows, he interacted with Brazilians in personal ways that led him to quit music and venture into financial services provision.

The Outline of his Career

Audi joined the University of Catolica de Sao Paulo and majored in business administration. He advanced his education at University of Sao Paulo and majored in finance. He first practiced at JP Morgan Chase before joining Dow Chemical and served as the chief financial analyst. His success in the industry of finance is solely attributed to his dedication to help Brazilians improve their lives by making helpful financial decisions.

New Oil Discovery Propels Talos Energy Into The Future

A recent discovery of an oil reserve off the Mexican coast near Sureste Basin has oil companies excited. The nationalized Oil and Gas exploration company part of PEMEX considers the discovery one of the largest oil reserves they found in recent memory. The Zama oil discovery is estimated to produce at least a million barrels of oil over the course of a year. Projection indicates that this oil reserve could potentially yield between 400 to 800 MMbbl.Talos Energy is one of the three oil companies that are pursuing appraisal drilling with PEMEX. They believe that this oil discovery could enhance and solidify their offshore production. The discovery excites Talos Energy because of the potential this oil reserve has to produce enough oil to lower prices at home.

Talos Energy also believes that this oil exploration project could possibly help them put into practice their sustainability procedures. The challenge for Talos Energy will be to prove to PEMEX that they can handle this project successfully. This means that the suggested structure has to meet and exceed safety protocols. Other criteria for the project include drilling specifications and design protocols. It should be interesting to see what Talos Energy comes up with during this phase. The planning phase does take precedence. Talos Energy needs to examine what works and what doesn’t work in that offshore area. When they start looking into the future, they will also need to have a good estimate of yield capacity.

PEMEX is going to be looking at how well each company sustains the environment while drilling. Talos Energy is poised to answer those questions as it has a good record of safety and sustainability. Zama-1 oil well is estimated to have an oil-bearing interval of a thousand feet. This means that any oil company will have to take into consideration the depth and pressure of the existing rock. Stability will definitely be a factor in determining which of the three companies is awarded the contract. There is no doubt that this new oil discovery will give Talos Energy great opportunities for the future. It will also help improve their services.

Peter Briger Investments

Peter Briger is a successful investor and business owner. During his career, he has made numerous investments in different asset classes. One of the biggest reasons that clients enjoy working with Peter Briger is that he is willing to take risks. Some great financial advisors only recommend a stocks and bonds portfolio allocation. Peter Briger has investments in things like real estate and gold. He believes that a diversified portfolio is the best way to reduce financial risk over time.Peter Briger started his career working in the financial planning industry. Although he struggled to succeed, he knew that he wanted to build a great business. He began working with Fortress Investment Group several years ago. Since that time, he has increased in prominence in the industry.

Real Estate Portfolio

Peter Briger has an extensive real estate portfolio that he has built over the years. When he started working, he used a large percentage of his income to invest in real estate. He wanted to generate monthly income by renting homes to tenants. Although he made some mistakes, he has done a great job taking his income to a new level. Anyone who wants to invest in real estate should listen to his advice on the subject. Unlike many real estate investors, Peter Briger did not go massively into debt to get started investing. Some real estate investors make major mistakes with their finances by going too deeply into debt. Instead, Peter Briger took a methodical approach to his real estate investing.

Next Steps for Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a prominent financial advisor in the industry. He plans to continue creating content related to financial planning and analysis. Anyone who wants to learn from Peter Briger can do so by working with Fortress Investment Group. Although Fortress Investment Group is not a typical investment company, it has had a ton of success with clients over the years.

Factors that Led to the Success of Louis Chenevert

Do you ever wonder how the people on top made it up there? Well, through the study of some prominent people in the society, we may learn what mechanisms they use to get there. Louis Chenevert is among the recognized individuals who have surprised the world with the legacy he left in UTC. Louis Chenevert voluntarily retired in 2014.

Many questions came with his retiring. Why would he leave at a time when UTC was doing so well? It is worthwhile to note that no scandals or disagreements prompt his retirement. Chenevert wanted to have to time off from the busy cooperate world. He now has time for his family as well as attending to his interests like designing yachts.

Here are some factors that led to the success of Louis Chenevert;

Meaningful Acquisitions

Louis Chenevert is known as the king of acquisitions. When he was working at Pratt & Whitney, he observed the GTF engine and knew it had a great future. He organized the purchase of the engine immediately he became CEO of UTC.

The GTF engine is now being used in more than 70 aircraft and 14 airlines. It is preferred because it is eco-friendly and reduces the consumption of fuel.

Louis Chenevert also made history by closing the most expensive aerospace deal in the USA. He bought the Goodrich at $16 billion.

These acquisitions have significantly contributed to the prominence of UTC. It led to the firm being listed as the most profitable company in the state.

Investing in the Future Technology.

Louis Chenevert is a visionary. He led UTC to invest in the future. He argued that investing in the high innovation future technology would help avoid future economic problems in the state.

The future investments worked as Chenevert expected. The UTC is approximated to accommodate 25000 more employees and has more than 5000 new slots of innovation.

He was also concerned with the human capital. He says that one can only be successful if the team they are working with is aligned with the vision of the company. He advises other investors to focus on empowering their teams because as much as they may have great ideas, they need their team to evaluate them.

Volcanic Water from Waiakea Water Company

Cool refreshing water is something that is vital to human life. Without it, we’d waste away. Unfortunately, today’s water is filled with contaminates that make the human body sick with out of balance pH levels. However, the Waiakea Water Company CEO, Ryan Emmons, has found a way to fix that problem.

Launching Waiakea Water Company in 2012, Mr. Emmons has found a whole new way to filter water. Through the first Hawaiian volcanic water filtration system, their water goes through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. Raining 360 of 365 days of the year, the water is constantly flowing, instead of being stagnant in an aquifer. Volcanic water benefits are a pH level balance of 8.8, with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, silica, and electrolytes among others that improve, heal and prolong life.

Silica, in particular, is a daily requirement for good health. The daily recommendation is 30 milligrams, where Waiakea provides 32.4mg! You can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 11 percent by consuming 10mg of silica a day. One bottle of Waiakea a day can help slow, or even prevent that risk. It can even help treat acid reflux, as alkaline in the water helps to neutralize stomach acid. A study in 2010 also showed that a alkaline water, such as Waiakea, helps to improve acid base balance and keeps you more hydrated, compared to drinking regular tap water.

Ranked Top Volcanic Bottles Water Label by 10 Best Waters, its recieved rewards from the National Restaurant Assocation, Beverage World BevStar Awards, Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, Good Morning America, Best in Biz Awards, and World Beverage Innovation Awards. It’s the most award winning bottle water in the U.S., and the fastest growing in 3 years. Featured in Forbes, Food Navigator, Good Morning America, People, Environment Leader, Organic Authority, Beverage World and many more, it’s safe to say Waiakea Water is a hit.

Growing up in Hawaii and California, Ryan Emmons developed a keen desire to protect the environment and use his company to help others. Partnering with Pump Aid, a charity that helps community’s to create clean water supplies, together, they hoped to donate 650 liters of clean water to communities in rural Africa that are not as wealthy as others. To date, they have donated more than 500 million liters of water to date. With eco-friendly filtration, and eco-conscious packaging, combined with the charity efforts, Waiakea Water is an unparalleled platform for healthy, sustainable and ethical attributes.